Why every vegan should use cruelty free perfume

Most of us choose to become vegans in order to avoid any form of cruelty to animals and out of care for their well-being. Surprisingly though not all of the vegan friends that I know actually shop for cruelty free perfume, there are number of reasons for this but I suppose what the main one is is that many people are simply not aware that some common household brands are actively tested on animals and the perfumes of beware on a daily basis actively participate in this activity. The truth is any perfume brand that doesn’t stipulate that their products are cruelty free is without a doubt testing on animals, if they were not than they would state so.

Perfume bottles

So what does animal testing and involve and what perfumes are free of cruelty? Testing on animals can simply be are Playing a perfume to their exterior and seeing how long it lasts, this is one of the more milder forms of cosmetic testing is done however. Even if this is the case is to admit to that animals are still kept in captivity for the purposes of testing.

How to find cruelty free perfume

One of the more time-consuming ways to find cruelty free perfume is to inspect each box individually and see which ones actually say so. The other way is to use one of the many specialist was okay, has become increasingly popular to see high-street stores having he can friendly cruelty free sections Display prominently. Another way is to shop online and use one of the many specialist doors that there specialise in perfumes and cosmetics but I’m not animal tested.

Whether you make it your priority to pay his tapes of cosmetics and perfume is, it is worth educating vegans and non-vegan as to the types of testing the go on in order to make common perfume is currently being sold right now.

Vegan Cosmetics are spreading fast

I became a vegan almost 5 years ago, back then you had to work extremely hard to find anything that was both meat and dairy free, quite simply vegan cosmetics were non existent. This couldn’t be further from the truth today, is now easier than ever to walk out on high-street and by things like perfumes and make app that contain no animal products. One particular ingredient is recently caught me out is the use of honey, now as any strict Lee Kimball tell you due to the fact that honey comes from the labour of bees, weakens should not be using it.

vegan cosmetics

That being said I didn’t know a number of speaking friends who do not bat an eyelid at both eating and using products that have honey or honey derivatives in them. Miss of course is a personal choice and myself I am on the fence when it comes to this argument, however there are so many alternatives and choices at the moment that finding other cosmetics can be done quite easily.

Vegan cosmetics now come in all shapes and sizes

Gone are the days when buying vegan cosmetics meant buying products that were bland or not as good as they are regular counterparts. These days the quality of the products on offer has come on leaps and bounds and you would really struggle to notice the difference between those that you would not have animal-based products in them. In fact I have been able to substitute my entire range of cosmetics entirely, it is true that they do pay a little more for these types of goods but when it comes to my conscience is definitely worth it.